Senior and Aging Links

Internet Resources for: Seniors/Aging

  • AARP

    Nonprofit members organization of persons 50 and older. (35 million membership)

  • Administration on Aging

    Federal government seeks to educate seniors about benefits and services - heavily linked to other agencies

  • Alzheimers Association

    National voluntary health organization- supports research and care information and services

  • American Geriatric Society (AGS)

    Public education about health issues and care for the aged.

  • Elderhostel

    People over age 55 - opportunities for education and travel - adventures in life long learning.

  • First Gov. for Seniors

    This site is linked to a multitude of government sites, a single site to provide access to information seniors may need.

  • Long Term Care Link

    Find and rate nursing homes, assisted living facilities, articles about issues, help for caregivers, 800 links to other sites.

  • Mature Services

    Jobs for older workers in northeast ohio, paid positions and volunteer corps plus training issues.

  • Medicare

    Medicare eligibility and requirements

  • National Institute on Aging

    Health information and research on aging.