Teen Links

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Anime blogs

  • AnimeSuki

    “Welcome to BitTorrent @ AnimeSuki.com! This site tries to provide a complete and convenient overview of links to all unlicensed English anime fansubs available through the P2P file warming application BitTorrent.” Site authored by Bram Cohen. There are dozens of anime discussion forums to choose from. Downloads available and a helpful search box.

  • GhibliWiki

    GhibliWiki is a fan’s website about Hayao Miyazaki, one of Japan's foremost animation writer/directors, as well as his studio Ghibli and colleagues.


  • Anime Central

    An anime and manga convention of the Midwest, held in Illinois.

  • Ikasucon

    Ikasucon: Cosplay contest, game shows, karaoke, dance, AMV contest, panels and workshops, and gaming. Check the website later in the year to find out about this convention.

  • Marcon (Multiple Alternative Realities Convention)

    The Midwest's Premiere Fantasy & Science Fiction Convention

  • OhayoCon

    A 3 day event held annually in Columbus OH that focuses on the art, culture and community surrounding Japanese Animation. There are Panels, Workshops, Screenings, Special Live Events, Concerts, Community groups, and Round Table discussions.

  • Tekkoshocon

    Tekkoshocon: The Steel City’s Anime and Japanese Culture Convention. tek.KO.sho noun: Steel Mill, steel industry. tek.KO.sho.con noun: A Japanese Animation Convention based in Pittsburgh,PA


  • Anime Cubed

    Anime Cubed: anime pictures and anime wallpaper, films, music videos, reviews, and more. Read about manga artists, genres, notable works, the "large eyes" style, and examine the terminologies.

  • Anime Lyrics

    Anime lyrics search by series, song name, lyric keywords, or Japanese romaji

  • The Otaku

    Nice RSS feeds to other anime sites

General Information

  • Shonen Jump

    Shonen Jump is a great place to search for the issues missing from your manga collection. “The most popular manga magazine in Japan is Weekly Shonen Jump. VIZ has brought SHONEN JUMP to the U.S., featuring the most popular comics from the original Japanese edition. Each digital issue of SHONEN JUMP contains over 300 pages of manga, plus artist interviews, card games, videogames, toys and anime information.” This website includes news, contests, reader surveys, and downloads. Downloads include games, wallpaper, greeting cards, and actual online manga where you can the flip pages and read right to left!

  • Shonen Sunday

    An online manga site to read new issues of VIZ titles.

  • VIZ Media

    VIZ Media is a packed site. Learn about all the different products VIZ carries from manga to anime including links to the popular magazine Shonen Jump. The store allows you to browse products by title, brand, type, imprint, and genre.  There's even a special apps section for reading manga on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.


  • A Capsule History of Anime

    “A Capsule History of Anime” by Fred Patten, a current writer for Animation Magazine."The first three Japanese cartoons were one-reelers of one to five minutes each, in 1917.” Patten walks through American-Style Studios and into Osamu Tezuka who started Mushi Productions in Japan. Patten describes Giant Robot and Outer Space Adventures, Miyazaki and Takahata, Original Anime Video, and on up through today.

Japanese culture and news

  • The Asahi Shimbun

    The Asahi Shimbun: Japan’s leading national English edition newspaper is joined by the International Herald Tribune of The New York Times on this website.The articles are in English and cover the daily news in Japan and overseas.


  • Anime News Network

    Anime News Network: the Internet’s most trusted anime news source presents articles, conventions, jobs, recent press releases, chat, search, forum, polls, contests, releases, reviews of DVDs and interactive games, and so much more. Lots to see.

  • Animenation.com

    “Life, death, anime in between.” This site has news about new websites, releases, sequels, dubbing, and more. There are two dozen discussion forums and plenty of merchandise to buy including edibles. Ramune soft drinks and Pocky choices are waiting to be consumed.

  • Protoculture

    Protoculture includes a magazine, eZine, eCatolog for subscriptions and products, anime guides showing full color covers, links of anime releasers and manga publishers, essays, editorials, conventions, Japanese culture, Japanese newspaper links, a blog about manga read in Quebec, and more.