Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is located on the wall to the left of the main entrance on the first floor of the Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library.
Click on artist for more information on the artist and their art. For information about showing your work, see Art Gallery Guidelines

Currently on Display

Dan Rowland and Jim McKinnon
Showing: April, 2020

Coming Artists

Don Jeffrey
Showing: August, 2020

Past Artists

Sheila Wy
Showed: October, 2017
Jessica Hoskins
Showed: November, 2017
Donald Jeffrey
Showed: December, 2017
Care Hanson
Showed: January, 2018
Rachel Smith
Showed: February, 2018
Roy Mowls
Showed: March, 2018
Karen Albanese Campbell
Showed: May, 2018
Mary Catherine Haneline
Showed: July, 2018
Angie Stone
Showed: August, 2018
Greg Misch
Showed: October, 2018
Dan Rowland
Showed: December, 2018
Jim McKinnon
Showed: February, 2019
Susan Townsend
Showed: April, 2019
Pratim Datta
Showed: June, 2019
Karen Koch
Showed: August, 2019
J. Gary Traveny
Showed: October, 2019
Erica Diffee
Showed: December, 2019
Dan Weiss
Showed: February, 2020
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