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Story Time at Home

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2020 Story Time


Where can we find water? Why do some things sink and others float? Miss Amanda has stories, songs, and activities about this important resource.

Stories include: "Swim Swim Sink" by Jenn Harney, "Hey, Water!" by Antoinette Portis, and "The Big Storm" by Nancy Tafuri and told as a puppet story

Songs and rhymes include: ""Stomp Stomp, Splash Splash, Come on In"

Short Story: The Button Book

Miss Amy reads about some colorful (and funny) buttons in "The Button Book" by Sally Nicholls.

Short Story: Here We Go Digging for Dinosaur Bones

"Here We Go Digging for Dinosaur Bones" is by Susan Lendroth and illustrated by Bob Kolar. Sing along to the tune of "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush" and learn about how fossils are discovered. Miss Amanda also shares some fossils she has found.

Short Story: Underwear!

A rambunctious bare bear cub stalls getting ready for bed in "Underwear" by Jenn Harney.

The Outdoors

Miss Amanda has stories and songs about being outside.

Stories include: "Walk on the Wild Side" by Nicholas Oldland, "Watch Out For Wolf" by Anica Mrose Rissi and illustrated by Charles Santoso, "Let's Play in the Forest" by Claudia Rueda (told as a clothesline story), and "Big Bear Hug" by Nicholas Oldland (told as a puppet story)

Songs include: "Grr Grr Went the Big Brown Bear," and "This Little Piggy"

Short Story: Hat Tricks

What will Hattie the magician pull out of her hat? Find out when Miss Amanda reads "Hat Tricks" by Satoshi Kitamura and then retells it as a puppet story.


Count along with Miss Amanda!

Stories include: "Count to 10 With a Mouse" by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Kirsten Richards, and "Where is My Pink Sweater?" by Nicola Slater

Songs include: "Hickory Dickory Dock," and "This Old Man"

Short Story: I Am Goose!

Goose doesn't quite understand how to play "Duck, Duck, Goose" in "I Am Goose!" by Dorothia Rohner and illustrated by Vanya Nastanlieva.

Short Story: Old MacDonald Had a Baby

New babies are a lot of work, but Old MacDonald gets help from his animal friends. Sing along with Miss Amanda to "Old MacDonald Had a Baby," written by Emily Snape and illustrated by K-Fai Steele.

Feeling Worried

Miss Amanda has stories and tips for kids who may be feeling anxious or worried.

Stories include: "I'm Worried" by Michael Ian Black, illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, and "The Breaking News" by Sarah Lynne Reul

Songs and activities include: Breathing exercises presented by Amanda's animal friends, and "If You're Worried and You Know It"

Short Story: Who Wet My Pants?

Miss Amanda reads "Who Wet My Pants?" a funny tale about blame, forgiveness, and friendship, wirtten by Bob Shea and illustrated by Zachariah OHora.


Stories: "Oh, No!" by Candace Fleming, illustrated by Eric Rohmann; "Tiny Little Fly" by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Kevin Waldron; and "The Tiptoeing Tiger" by Philippa Leathers

Songs and rhymes: "If You're Ready for a Story," and "Down in the Jungle Animal Sounds"


Stories: "That's (Not) Mine" by Anna Kang, "Bear & Hare Share!" by Emily Gravett, and "The Only Lonely Panda" by Jonathan Lambert

Songs and rhymes: "If You're Ready for a Story," "Sharing Cookies," and "Animal Sharing Rhymes"

Snowy Friends

Stories: "Making a Friend" by Tammi Sauer, pictures by Alison Friend, "Who Goes There?" by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Anna Currey, and "Penguin and Pinecone: A Friendship Story" by Salina Yoon

Songs: "Wake Up for Story Time," "Building a Snowman," and "I Made a Snow Friend"


Stories: "If It's Snowy and You Know It, Clap Your Paws!" by Kim Norman, illustrated by Liza Woodruff, "When the Snow Comes" by Jonathan Allen, and "Ouch!" by Ragnhild Scamell and Michael Terry, told as a flannel board story

Songs: "Wake Up for Story Time," "Bear is Sleeping," "Hibernation,"