Teen Booklist

  • After the War

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    By Matas, CarolAfter being released from Buchenwald at the end of World War II, fifteen-year-old Ruth risks her life to lead a group of children across Europe to Palestine.
  • Anne Frank and Me

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    By Bennett, CherieAfter suffering a concussion while on a class trip to a Holocaust exhibit, Nicole finds herself living the life of a Jewish teenager in Paris during the Nazi occupation.
  • Annexed

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    By Dogar, Sharon

    The story of Anne Frank is widely known, but not that of the boy who lived with her – Peter. This is the fictional side of his story of what happened during his hidden life in the annex with Anne as well as his life as he tried to survive in Auschwitz. 

  • Behind the Bedroom Wall

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    By Williams, Laura E.

    Thirteen-year-old Korinna must decide whether to report her parents to her Hitler youth group when she discovers that they are hiding Jews in a secret space behind Korinna's bedroom wall.

  • If I Should Die Before I Wake

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    By Nolan, HanAs Hilary, a Neo-Nazi initiate, lies in a coma, she is transported back to Poland at the onset of World War II into the life of a Jewish teenager
  • In My Enemy's House

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    By Matas, CarolWhen German soldiers arrive in Zloczow during World War II, a young Jewish girl must decide whether or not to conceal her identity and work for a Nazi in Germany in order to survive.
  • My Canary Yellow Star

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    By Wiseman, EvaWhen the Nazis invade Hungary, Marta is barred from classes because she is Jewish; her father is arrested and sent to dig ditches. Even the act of seeing her friend Peter could mean death for them both, because Peter is not Jewish. Things grow worse: Peter disappears, food becomes scarce, and the family is evicted. Then Marta hears about an obscure diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg, who may be able to help her family.
  • No One Must Know

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    By Wiseman, EvaWhen Alexandra begins dating a Jewish boy named Jacob in 1960s Canada, she begins to see the prejudice in how Jacob is treated by those around them, including her parents, who have been hiding a family secret from Alexandra that will shake her own religious identity.
  • Once

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    By Gleitzman, Morris

    Felix is a young, Jewish boy who is hiding in a Catholic orphanage from the Nazis. He thinks that his parents are in danger, so he does looking for them and ends up in Nazi occupied Poland.