Teen Booklist

  • Voices

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    By Le Guin, Ursula  

    In a city controlled by people who forbid any writing or reading of books, Memer escapes to a hidden library, where she takes on a pivotal role in freeing her war-torn homeland from its oppressive captors.

  • Watership Down

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    By Adams, Richard 

    Chronicles the adventures of a group of rabbits searching for a safe place to establish a new warren so that they can live in peace.

  • Wintersmith

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    By Pratchett, Terry 

    At 9, Tiffany Aching defeated the cruel Queen of Fairyland. At 11, she battled an ancient body-stealing evil. At 13, Tiffany faces a new challenge: a boy. But the Wintersmith isn't exactly a boy. He is Winter itself—snow, gales, icicles—all of it. When he has a crush on Tiffany, he may make her roses out of ice, but his nature is blizzards and avalanches. And he wants Tiffany to stay in his gleaming, frozen world. Forever. Tiffany will need all her cunning to make it to Spring. She'll also need her friends, from junior witches to the legendary Granny Weatherwax. It’s going to be a long winter, because if Tiffany doesn't survive until Spring—Spring won't come. (prequels: The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky)


  • Wolf Brother

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    By Paver, Michelle 

    Book I of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. In this series that combines Stone Age anthropology with supernatural mythology, Torak befriends a wolf who becomes his best friend and "packmate," and they go up against supernatural bears and crazy humans alike. Thre are lots of outdoor survival scenes and tense action in these books, plus animal behavior--the way Torak and Wolf "talk" in wolfspeak is really neat. The magical elements are also fascinating, as Torak learns he has the ability to "spirit walk" in the body of animals.

    See also Book 2: Cover imageSpirit Walker and Book 3: Cover imageSoul Eater.