Teen Booklist

  • Peter and the Starcatchers

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    By Barry, Dave and Ridley Pearson 

    A “prequel” to Peter Pan: showing how he came to the Island of Lost Boys, how he got his magic and flying ability, how he met Wendy, etc. A rip-roaring good pirate yarn.

  • Puddlejumpers

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    By Jean, Mark and Christopher C. Carlson 

    Ernie is a troubled thirteen-year-old juvenile delinquent. Abandoned on the doorstep of an orphange when he was three years old, his only proof that he once belonged to somebody is a vintage Ernie Banks baseball card, a crystal acorn he wears on a string around his neck, and a strange spiral birthmark on the bottom of his foot. As a last reprieve before being sent to a juvenile detention facility, Ernie is allowed to spend three weeks on a working farm. When Ernie learns that the farmer's baby was kidnapped years before, he is determined to solve the case. Teaming up with Joey, a local tomboy, they investigate clues that lead them on a dangerous journey into a forbidden world of dark secrets, magic puddles, and the cavernous undergroun kingdom of the Puddlejumpers--eleven-inch-tall water creatures with whom Ernie has a mysterious connection.

  • Raven's Gate

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    By Horowitz, Anthony 

    Sent to live in a foster home in a remote Yorkshire village, Matt, a troubled fourteen-year-old English boy, uncovers an evil plot involving witchcraft and the site of an ancient stone circle. Matt discovers he is one of the Five, children who hold the power to save the world from a terrible ancient evil that is coming back. Fast-paced action and suspense along with lots of magic.

     Book I of the Gatekeepers series.

  • Redwall

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    By Jacques, Brian 

    When the peaceful life of ancient Redwall Abbey is shattered by the arrival of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes, Matthias, a young mouse, determines to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior which, he is convinced, will help Redwall.

  • Runemarks

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    By Harris, Joanne  Maddy Smith, who bears the mysterious mark of a rune on her hand, learns that she is destined to join the gods of Norse mythology and play a role in the fate of the world. But better watch out for that trickster god Loki--he is not who he appears to be.
  • Sabriel

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    By Nix, Garth 

    Welcome to the Old Kingdom, a world of necromancy, seers, dangerous monsters and talking animals, even a Disreputable Dog. After receiving a cryptic message from her father, Abhorsen, a necromancer trapped in Death, 18-year-old Sabriel sets off to find him. Her journey takes her to a world filled with parasitical spirits, Mordicants, and Shadow Hands. Unlike other necromancers, who raise the dead, Abhorsen lays the disturbed dead back to rest. And Sabriel must help save the Old Kingdom from destruction by the horrible forces of the evil undead.

     See also: Book 2: Lirael, Book 3: Abhorsen

  • Sea of Trolls

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    By Farmer, Nancy  After Jack becomes apprenticed to a Druid bard, he and his little sister Lucy are captured by Viking Berserkers and taken to the home of King Ivar the Boneless and his half-troll queen, leading Jack to undertake a vital quest to Jotunheim, home of the trolls.
  • Searching for Dragons: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

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    By Wrede, Patricia C. 

    With the aid of King Mandanbar, Princess Cimorene rescues the dragon Kazul and saves the Enchanted Forest from a band of wicked wizards. A spoof of conventional fairy tales. Book I in a series.

  • Seraphina

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    By Hartman, Rachel  

    In a world where dragons and humans coexist in an uneasy truce and dragons can assume human form, Seraphina, whose mother died giving birth to her, grapples with her own identity amid magical secrets and royal scandals, while she struggles to accept and develop her extraordinary musical talents.

  • Silverwing

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    By Oppel, Kenneth 

    Set 65 milllion years ago, when Dusk, the world's first bat, must lead his colony to safety in a time of changing species, as he is the first bat to echolocate and he and his colony have to fight off carnivorous beasts to survive.

    Sequels: Sunwing, Firewing, Darkwing