Teen Booklist

  • Heat

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    By Lupica, Mike

    Pitching prodigy Michael Arroyo is on the run from social services after being banned from playing Little League baseball because rival coaches doubt he is only twelve years old and he has no parents to offer them proof.

  • High Heat

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    By Deuker, Carl

    When sophomore Shane Hunter's father is arrested for money laundering at his Lexus dealership, the star pitcher's life of affluence and private school begins to fall apart.

  • Ironman

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    By Crutcher, Chris

    While training for a triathlon, seventeen-year-old Bo attends an anger management group at school which leads him to examine his relationship with his father.

  • Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery

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    By Feinstein, John

    When Steven Thomas wins a journalism contest to cover the NCAA Final Four at the Superdome he and his partner Susan Carol get involved in a tense mystery. Sequels: Vanishing Act, Cover image The Rivalry, Cover image Rush For the Gold, Cover image Cover-Up Cover image

  • Moves Make the Man, The

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    By Brooks, Bruce


    Jerome Foxworthy -- the Jayfox to his friends -- likes to think he can handle anything. He handled growing up without a father, being the first black kid in school, and he sure can handle a basketball. Then Jerome meets Bix Rivers -- mysterious and moody, but a great athlete. So Jerome decides to teach Bix his game. He can tell that Bix has the talent. All he's got to do is learn the right moves.... 

  • No More Dead Dogs

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    By Korman, Gordon

    Eighth-grade football hero Wallace is sentenced to detention attending rehearsals of the school play where, in spite of himself, he becomes wrapped up in the production and begins to suggest changes that improve not only the play but his life as well.

  • November Blues

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    By Draper, Sharon

    A teenaged boy's death in a hazing accident has lasting effects on his pregnant girlfriend and his guilt-ridden cousin, who gives up a promising music career to play football during his senior year in high school.

  • Open Ice

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    By Hughes, Pat

    Hockey has been Nick Taglio's life since he was five years old, so when a massive concussion benches him--possibly for good--everything seems to fall apart, including his schoolwork, his family relationships, his friendships, and his love life.

  • Over the Wall

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    By Ritter, John H.

    Thirteen-year-old Tyler, who has trouble controlling his anger, spends an important summer with his cousins in New York City, playing baseball and sorting out how he feels about violence, war, and in particular the Vietnamese conflict that took his grandfather's life.

  • Payback Time

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    By Deuker, Carl

    Mitch is a journalist at his high school, and he has no athletic abilities. He starts to follow a mysterious new football player named Angel. Can Mitch find out the truth to who he really is?