Teen Booklist

  • Perfect Shot, The

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    By Alphin, Elaine Marie


    Brian uses basketball to block out memories of his girlfriend and her family who were gunned down a year ago, but the upcoming murder trial and a high school history assignment force him to face the past and decide how far he should go to see justice served.

  • Safe at Second

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    By Johnson, Scott

    Paulie‘s best friend Todd is destined for the major leagues until a line drive to the head causes him to lose an eye, and they both must find a new future for themselves.

  • Samurai Shortstop

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    By Gratz, Alan

    While obtaining a Western education at a prestigious Japanese boarding school in 1890, sixteen-year-old Toyo also receives traditional samurai training which has profound effects on both his baseball game and his relationship with his father.

  • Soccer Chick Rules

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    By Fitzgerald, Dawn

    While trying to focus on a winning soccer season, thirteen-year-old Tess becomes involved in local politics when she learns that all sports programs at her school will be stopped unless a tax levy is passed.

  • Stupid Fast

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    By Herbach, Geoff

    Just before his sixteenth birthday, Felton Reinstein has a sudden growth spurt that turns him from a small, jumpy, picked-on boy with the nickname of "Squirrel Nut" to a powerful athlete, leading to new friends, his first love, and the courage to confront his family's past and current problems.

  • Tangerine

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    By Bloor, Edward

    Twelve-year-old Paul, who lives in the shadow of his football hero brother Erik, fights for the right to play soccer despite his near blindness, and slowly begins to remember the incident that damaged his eyesight.

  • Tears of a Tiger

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    By Draper, Sharon

    The death of high school basketball star Rob Washington in a car accident affects the lives of his close friend Andy, who was driving the car and many others in the school.

  • Whale Talk

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    By Crutcher, Chris

    Intellectually and athletically gifted, TJ, a multiracial, adopted teenager, shuns organized sports and the gung-ho athletes at his high school, until he agrees to form a swimming team and recruits some of the school's less popular students.