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  • Hand of the Devil, The

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    By Carter, Dean Vincent

    Ashley Reeves, journalist, receives a letter promising him a once-in-a-lifetime story. The only thing is, his life is exactly what it might cost him. The letter is from Reginald Mather, a man who at first seems no more than an eccentric collector of insects, living in isolation on a remote island. But when Ashley finds himself stranded with Mather and unearths the horrific truth behind the collector's past, he is thrown headlong into a macabre nightmare that quickly spirals out of control. Ashley's life is in danger. . . .And Mather is not the only enemy. . . . Gruesome, compelling, and terrifying, The Hand of the Devil will make you never want to leave the house without bug spray again.

  • Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, The

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    By Wooding, Chris


    As Thaniel, a wych-hunter, and Cathaline, his friend and mentor, try to rid the alleys of London's Old Quarter of the terrible creatures that infest them, their lives become entwined with that of a woman who may be either mad or possessed.

  • Hawksong

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    By Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia

    In a land that has been at war so long that no one remembers the reason for fighting, the shapeshifters who rule the two factions agree to marry in the hope of bringing peace, despite deep-seated fear and distrust of each other.

  • Hereafter

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    By Hudson, Tara

    Amelia, long a ghost, forms a strong bond with eighteen-year-old Joshua, who nearly drowned where she did and who awakens in her long-forgotten senses and memories even as Eli, a spirit, tries to draw her away.

  • Hollow, The

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    By Verday, Jessica


    High-school junior Abbey struggles with the loss of her best friend Kristen, who vanished on a legendary bridge, but her grief is eased by Caspian, an attractive and mysterious stranger she meets in the Sleepy Hollow cemetery.

  • Horowitz Horror

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    By Horowitz, Anthony

    Nine horror stories set in England focus on everyday items that have sinister qualities.

    Bath night -- Killer camera -- Light moves -- The night bus -- Harriet's horrible dream -- Scare -- A career in computer games -- The man with the yellow face -- The monkey's ear.

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  • I Know What You Did Last Summer

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    By Duncan, Lois

    Four teenagers who have desperately tried to conceal their responsibility for a hit-and-run accident are pursued by a mystery figure seeking revenge.

  • Intruders, The

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    By Richardson, E.E.

    When soon-to-be stepbrothers, Joel and Tim, start having the same nightmare after moving into a old house, they decide to investigate its source and the many other strange occurrences in their new home.

  • Invasion

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    By Lewis, J. S.

    After his parents are killed in an automobile accident, sixteen-year-old Colt McAllister moves to Arizona where he is recruited by a secret organization to join the battle against malevolent, supernatural creatures from another world.

  • Killer Pizza

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    By Taylor, Greg

    While working as summer employees in a local pizza parlor, three teenagers are recruited by an underground organization of monster hunters.