Teen Booklist

  • Viola in Reel Life

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    By Trigiana, Adriana 

    When fourteen-year-old Viola is sent from her beloved Brooklyn to boarding school in Indiana for ninth grade, she overcomes her initial reservations as she makes friends with her roommates, goes on a real date, and uses the unsettling ghost she keeps seeing as the subject of a short film--her first.

  • When Nobody's Home: Fifteen Babysitting Tales of Terror

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    By Gorog, Judith 

    New sitter -- The snooping sitter -- Doglicks -- A small child and a large sitter -- Lupe and the forgetful family -- Poppy -- Life as a 900 number -- Sitting in Egypt -- Sit! -- Toads and slime -- Double pay -- Cat-bit -- Three brothers -- That knocking on the wall -- A sitter and a find -- My guardian angel -- New sitter.

  • White Crow

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    By Sedgwick, Marcus 

    Thought provoking as well as intensely scary, White Crow unfolds in three voices. There's Rebecca, who has come to a small, seaside village to spend the summer, and there's Ferelith, who offers to show Rebecca the secrets of the town...but at a price. Finally, there's a priest whose descent into darkness illuminates the girls' frightening story.