Teen Booklist

  • Timelock

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    By Klass, David

    Jack Danielson has spent the last year risking everything to save the oceans and the Amazon. Now, he’s more than ready to get back to a normal life and spend some quality time with his girlfriend. Too bad the world has other plans. Wrenched away once more from the woman he loves, Jack is thrust through time to the fiery deserts of the future to battle cyborgs, zombie warlocks, and scorpions the size of tanks. But he doesn’t just have to save the Earth. As the final confrontation with the dreaded Dark Lord looms, Jack must decide once and for all who he really is—prince of the future or humble human of the present—and choose between the two women who love him. An impossible decision, if he stays alive long enough to make it. . . . (Prequels: Firestorm, Cover image Whirlwind) Cover image

  • To Say Nothing of the Dog, or, How We Found the Bishop's Bird Stump At Last (Adult Science Fiction)

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    By Willis, Connie

    A science-fiction fantasy romance in the guise of an old-fashioned Victorian novel. Ned and five other time jumpers must search 1940’s London for a mysterious item, and if they don't find it, the powerful Lady Schrapnell will keep sending them back in time, again and again and again.