Teen Booklist

  • Blood Beast

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    By Shan, Darren

    When he begins experiencing alarming symptoms at the onset of the full moon, Grubbs Grady, who has so far escaped his family curse, fears that he is turning into a werewolf. (Book 5 of Demonata series)

  • Girls That Growl

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    By Mancusi, Marianne

    Rayne McDonald, a goth vampire and vampire slayer, must go undercover as a cheerleader at her high school to find out what happened to the captain of the football team, who has disappeared, and to see if the peppy cheerleaders are really werewolves. (Book 3 of the Blood Coven series).

  • Liar

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    By Larbalestier, Justine

    Compulsive liar Micah promises to tell the truth after revealing that her boyfriend has been murdered.

  • New Moon

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    By Meyer, Stephenie

    Bella befriends Jacob, a sophomore from her school with a penchant for motorcycles, that both the pace and her disposition begin to take off. Their adventures are wild, dare-devilish, and teeter on the brink of romance, but memories of Edward pervade Bella's emotions, and soon their fun quickly morphs into danger, especially when she uncovers the true identities of Jacob and his pack of friends.

  • Nightshade

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    By Cremer, Andrea

    Calla and Ren have been raised knowing it is their destiny to mate with one another and rule over their shape-shifting wolf pack, but when a human boy arrives and vies for Calla's heart, she is faced with a decision that could change her whole world.

  • Red Moon Rising

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    By Moore, Peter


    In a world where vampires dominate and werewolves are despised, a teen-aged half-vampire discovers his recessive werewolf genes are developing with the approaching full moon.

  • Tantalize

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    By Smith, Cynthia Leitich

    When multiple murders in Austin, Texas, threaten the grand re-opening of her family's vampire-themed restaurant, seventeen-year-old, orphaned Quincie worries that her best friend-turned-love interest, Keiren, a werewolf-in-training, may be the prime suspect.

  • The Reckoning

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    By Armstrong, Kelley

    Fifteen-year-old Chloe, a necromancer, struggles to understand her feelings for werewolf Derek and his sorcerer brother, Simon, while seeking a way to enter the headquarters of the sinister Edison Group and rescue her aunt Lauren and friend Rachelle. (Book 3 of The Darkest Powers series).

  • Werewolf Rising

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    By La Fevers, R. L.

    Just before his thirteenth birthday, an uncle he never knew takes Luc deep into the woods of the Pacific Northwest, where he learns that he is a werewolf whose pack is in danger from fanatics who are following his trail.