Needlework Show - Tips


Judging is done by area professionals and will be based on some or all of the following criteria:

1. Quality of the Workmanship

  • a. Stitching: Proper execution of stitches, even stitch tension, secure and unobtrusive joining of new thread or yarn, without knots; seaming neat, firm, and without gaps.
  • b. Coverage: in crewel, the line; in cross-stitch, the square; in needlepoint, the canvas. Any guide-lines should be covered or removed.
  • c. In quilting: even stitches; joined seams meet without puckering; binding mitered, full and even; all pencil lines removed.

2. Quality of the Design

  • a. Fresh design: a balance of proportion, dominance, rhythm, contrast and unity.
  • b. Color: pleasing combination which enhances the design.
  • c. Materials: use of appropriate fabric, thread, stitches and tools.
  • d. Embellishments: used appropriately; firmly and securely attached.

3. Quality of the Finishing

  • a. Items must be clean, pressed or blocked. This is very important.
  • b. Entries should be finished and ready for permanent display: framed items suitably matted and well-framed (Glass is acceptable. Items should be properly stretched and clean both over and under the glass.); garments sewn, blocked and ready to wear; wall hangings and bell pulls ready to hang, etc.

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