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Join the Favorite Authors Club by selecting up to TWENTY of your favorite best-selling authors listed below. Your name will automatically be placed on the reserve list for your favorite authors. Although we can't guarantee how near the top of the list you'll be, it's one less thing you'll have to do. We'll add your name to the waiting list and let you know when your book is ready to check out. Your membership in the Favorite Authors Club will be effective with next month's new releases. It's that easy!

If at any time you would like to add or delete authors, please call the Information Services desk at 330-688-3295, ext. 4.

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Please add the names of authors that you would like to be REMOVED from your current list. If you are unsure of who is on your list, please call the Adult Information Desk at (330) 688-3295, extension 4. Thank you!
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