Going Online 1 - Introduction

Lesson Two

How does the Internet work?

The World Wide Web refers to the part of the Internet that works through hyperlinks. When linked items are clicked on, you will go to another place on the same web page, another page, or another website altogether. Links can be words or images, and can occur anywhere on a page.

How do I know when something is a link?

Linked words are usually in another color (often blue) and are underlined. When the mouse pointer changes to a little hand you know you are on a link. Both words and images can be links. 

Which one of these words is a link?
Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library OR Akron Summit County Public Library?

Which one of these images is a link? 

How do I get back to where I started?

Clicking the BACK button at the top of the Internet Explorer toolbar will take you back one page. Another way to get back to a previous page is to click on the downward facing arrow next to the BACK and FORWARD buttons and click on the page you wish to return to. This drop down list shows you the webpages you have visited on your current session on the Internet. Another way to return to previously visited webpages is to check the History of sites visted.

*To check Internet Explorer's History - click on FAVORITES CENTER (the gold star) on the Internet Explorer toolbar. Select how you want to view the History list (by Date, Site, Most Visited, or Order Visited). OR click the FAVORITES tab in the IE toolbar.

What is the difference between a Webpage and a Website?

A webpage is a document on the Internet. Webpages can include text, images, sound, and video. A website is a collection of webpages maintained by a company, organization, university, government agency, or individual.

What is a Homepage?

The homepage is the page that is set to be displayed each time you first use the browser or any time you click on the browser's HOME icon. Internet Service Providers initially set the browser to display their own homepage, but the homepage can be changed if desired. Homepage is also the first page of a website.

*To change Internet Explorer's Homepage - Click on TOOLS on the IE Menu Bar. Click on INTERNET OPTIONS --> GENERAL --> HOME PAGE. Enter the URL of the page you wish to have as your new Home page. Click OK.

 When is a Webpage finished loading?

Webpages are loaded into your computer when you click on the links. They are finished loading when you see the word "Done" in the bottom left corner of the screen. Sometimes pages do not load. When this happens you can click the STOP button on the IE address bar to stop the current transaction. You can then click the BACK button to get back to your previous page. You may wish to try the page again later or go to another website.

How do I print what I see on the Internet?

 Before you print anything go to FILE on the IE menu bar, and select PRINT PREVIEW. You can then detrmine how many pages are in the document, and what pages to print. Type in the number of pages you want, and press PRINT or OK. OR:

  1. Use the "print version" option. Well designed webpages have a print option on them, allowing the user to print directly from the website. Usually this offers the ability to print only the desired article, recipe, etc. without advertisements and other unnecessary images on the printout.  Look for the words "print article", "print here","print", and so on on the webpage.
  2. Select the portion of the webpage you wish to print by highlighting it and clicking the "selection" button in the PRINT window.

* If you want to print a portion of your e-mail message, select the text you wish to print and copy and paste it to a word processing document.

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