Going Online 2 - How to Search the Web

Lesson Three

What else can I do with search engines?

  1. Find images - Use Google at www.google.com to find images.
  2. Search more than one search engine at a time - Use a meta search engine such as Dogpile at www.dogpile.com.
  3. Get maps and driving directions - Use Yahoo at www.maps.yahoo.com.
  4. Get travel information - Use Bing at www.bing.com.
  5. Use a searchengine that protects your privacy - Ixquick at Ixquick.com
  6. Try a search engine just for kids - Yahooligans at www.yahooligans.com and Ask For Kids at www.askforkids.com are designed for children ages 7 - 12. No adult advertising or inappropriate sites

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