Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Mabie, Teresa Brian MabienaStow, Ohio07/17/2017
Rose, Alfred M.Catherine "Kay" Rose80Stow, Ohio07/16/2017
Rootes, Loretta 79Stow, Ohio07/14/2017
Burger, Mary E.Francis Burger91Stow, Ohio07/12/2017
Lukens, Frank S.Patsy Lukens87Stow, Ohio07/12/2017
Stewart, Donna Jeanne 90Stow, Ohio07/12/2017
Pamer, Norman L.Alice Slater90Stow, Ohio07/11/2017
Myers, Robert LambertMyra May Myers (Owen)90Kent, Ohio07/11/2017
Clayman, William Jack Paw PawCarol Fleming Clayman73Stow, Ohio07/08/2017
Weaver, Louise M.Fred Weaver100Stow, Ohio07/08/2017
Humphrey, Lawrence SylvesterClara Joyce Humphrey92Kissimmee, Fla07/07/2017
Taylor, Shirley M. 82Stow, Ohio07/02/2017
Mead, Naomi Rosealtha 95Stow, Ohio06/30/2017
Botzman, George M.Wilberta Botzman97Stow, Ohio06/27/2017
Graves, Richard 59Baytown, Texas06/27/2017
Berzonsky, Robert ThomasTheresa Berzonsky (Dangel)60Stow, Ohio06/27/2017
Richards, Mary M.Richard Richards89Stow, Ohio06/26/2017
Osman, Michael H. 56Stow, Ohio06/26/2017
Baker, Delmore RayRose Baker73Stow, Ohio06/24/2017
Schumann Calcei Schroeder, Marie 1: Pellegrino, 2: LaVerne 1: Calcei, 2: Schroeder90Mogadore06/22/2017