Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Recker, Florence Louise [Roquemore] 8005/22/1990
Taylor, Esther C. 8205/30/1990
Barlow, Emily [Pierce]Donald Barlow7606/01/1990
Roberts, Vernon E.Diane 5906/02/1990
Beal, Kathryn [McCulley]Nelson Beal66Sarasota, Florida06/03/1990
Heinl, Brian T. 3206/03/1990
Allen, Eleanor M. 69Stow, Ohio06/04/1990
Reznik, Catherine 8706/04/1990
Perrin, Ruth M. [Rorabeck]Walter Perrin7106/06/1990
Cash, James MBessie 8706/08/1990
Anderson, Edna RElmer J. Anderson8506/09/1990
Ritchie, Herbert H.Emma Elizabeth Sis79Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio06/09/1990
Mullenax, Jerry Jr. G. 2506/10/1990
Reidy, Agnes Henry J. Reidy8406/12/1990
Foster, Laurel S. [Santom]Walter G. Foster8806/20/1990
Eggleston, Charlotte L. 7206/22/1990
Valenti, Frank FrancisEleanor 7406/22/1990
Wilson, John Sr. A.Nancy K. 5706/26/1990
Wilson, John A. 57Pontiac, Michigan06/26/1990
Shank, Neil T.Marilyn 6206/28/1990