Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
White, Reva R. [Hale]James White81Stow, Ohio04/09/2003
White, Robert S.eatrice 7509/18/2000
White, Louise L. [Kyer]Dallas White8204/18/2010
White, Charles N.Shirley 8207/02/2011
Whitaker, Judith E. [Merrick]Russell Whitaker7306/20/2010
Wheeler, Arlene E. 8712/08/2005
Wharton, Marjorie E. 8411/13/2011
Whalen, Grace E.Jack C. Whalen90Hudson, Ohio11/11/1997
Whalen, Jack C.Grace E. 8606/03/1991
Weyrick, Jayne K. [Weyrick] na06/12/2009
Weyrick, Robert N. 22France06/09/1945
Weyandt, Dortha G.Chester Weyandt9412/07/2010
Wetmore, Alton J.Hallie Major9801/10/1992
Wetmore, Marian E. 88Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio11/20/1976
Wetmore, Sara E.Dan Wetmore9612/29/2000
Wetmore, Fred Green 8604/25/1969
Wetmore, Lawrence A.Marian Wetmore78Stow, Ohio03/18/1966
Wetmore, Fred G. 86West Richfield, OHna
Wetmore, Mary BirgeSilas Wetmore76Stow, OH10/01/1903
Wetmore, Seth H. 75Summit County, OH05/31/1903