Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Wilson, Jeff Wm.Sandy Wilson50Stow, OH09/19/2015
Wilson, Mary Haney [Haney]Robert C. wilson92Stow, Ohio09/06/2016
Wilson, Rebecca A. 52Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio12/06/2016
Wilson, Callie Loretta [Baker]Jeffrey Wilson61Stow, Ohio10/13/2017
Wilson, Jack Andrew naSilver Lake, OH04/16/2019
Wilson, John P. 65Stow, Ohio07/19/2019
Wilson, Timothy G. 5509/15/2020
Wilmot, Gerald W. naStow, Ohiona
Wills, Richard (Dick) H.Carolyn 7907/09/2010
Willoughby, Robert J.Diane Willoughby63Munroe Falls, Ohio12/03/2016
Willoughby, Marjorie 99Mentor, Ohio09/24/2020
Willis, Dennis J.Tricia 2901/19/2007
Willingham, Edith Mae [Knecht]Joseph M. Willingham8104/09/1998
Willingham, Joseph M.Donna Willingham77Munroe Falls, OH03/28/2016
Williard, Jennifer M.Scott Williard43Munroe Falls, Ohio05/03/2018
Williamson, Earl E.Jacqueline 7304/28/2002
Williamson, Henry J.Ruth Gaylord64Akron, Ohio02/20/1940
Williamson, Mabel C.Charles F. (1) Harry (2) Watson (1) Williamson (2)10102/12/2002
Williamson, Palmer Thelma M. 80Memphis, Tennessee02/19/1988
Williamson, Thelma Palmer A. Williamson86Memphis, Tennessee11/02/1990