Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
McInturff, Allison M. 1503/06/1996
Stanley, Stephanie N. [Stanley] 1511/19/1999
McKee, Brian Paul 15Stow, Ohio09/14/2009
Gehring, Jakob 16Franklin Twp, Portage County, Ohio12/01/2004
King, Barbara 16Stow, Ohiona
Yoke, Alexander A.G. 1604/24/1991
Piggford, Kendra Marie 16Stow, OH07/05/2015
Audin, Matthew James 17Jupiter, Florida10/29/1998
Blackwell, Shawn 17Silver Lake, Ohio04/07/2005
Blackwell, Shawn 17Silver Lake04/07/2005
Stone, Jason Walter 1705/04/1990
Wells, John Richard 1703/19/2005
Lemmon, Dennis D. 1812/01/1992
Polito, Susan Marie 1804/07/1997
Wilson, Kristan Amy 1805/29/2001
Moncheck, Andrew T. 1807/19/2014
Whitacre, John A. 18Munroe Falls, Ohio10/10/2002
Norris, Owen Michael 1804/20/2018
Ross, Noah James 1811/27/2019
Burgess, John Peter 19Quang Tri, South Vietnam09/28/1967