Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Wiegand, Stephen M.Bonnie Wiegand67Stow, OH06/14/2015
Wiedeman, Glenn E.Ann Eshler83Akron, Ohio12/22/2008
Wiedeman, Ann [Eshler]Glenn Wiedeman86Chagrin Falls, Ohio12/08/2014
Wickland, Alice K.Nels Eric Wickland9212/13/2001
Wiant, Edgar "Ted" A.Gayle 7307/30/2006
Whittington, Anna frances 4504/12/1969
Whittington, Gloria A. [Day]Paul Whittington6905/01/2008
Whittington, Kenneth S.Ruth H. 9511/30/2004
Whittington, Ruth H. [Housley]Kenneth S. Whittington8706/28/2002
Whittington, Paul E.Gloria A. 7504/07/2010
Whitmire, Christine [Gagliardo] 63Stow, OH02/02/2016
Whitfield, Marguerite M.Frank Whitfield7408/02/1991
Whitfield, Charlotte Mary RoseTom Whitfield80Stow, Ohio01/18/2017
Whitely, Gladys F.Harold Whitely7909/20/2005
Whitehead, Alice Kay [Whitehead] 68Copley, Ohio (Hospice Care Center)06/14/2011
White, Jr., James LeeJennifer (Crooks) White 35Stow, Ohio01/19/2017
White, Jr., Glenn Edwin 62Stow, Ohio05/10/2017
White, Edward B.Annie Calco88Fairlawn, ohio02/25/2007
White, Frederick "Dick" J.Gladys 8503/04/2001
White, Glenn EdwinKaren L. 68Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio01/24/2002