Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Alexander, Ruth A. [Lowrey] 84Stow, Ohio12/21/2003
Alexander, Flora MaryJohn Alexander10008/23/2011
Alexander, Lorin D.Mary Ann 9008/30/2011
Alexander, Thorald C.Margaret 8605/22/2012
Alexqander, Lorin D.Mary Ann 9008/30/2011
Allen, Arvel HoytLillian 79Stow, Ohio01/14/1996
Allen, Eleanor M. 69Stow, Ohio06/04/1990
Allen, Gretchen Martha [Hermann]Kenneth Allen87Stow, Ohio02/25/2008
Allen, John J.Regina 86Stow, Ohio03/13/2004
Allen, Kenneth HowardGretchen Hermann81Stow, Ohio05/24/1998
Allen, Kerri A. [Meier]John 33Stow, Ohio07/27/2000
Allen, Lucille M. [Good]Leo 81Stow, Ohio11/08/2002
Allen, Regina [Queenie]John 87Stow, Ohio02/18/2006
Allen, David A.Velma Kay Allen72Stow, OH12/12/2015
Alley, Joanne EllisGeorge D. Alley85Kelly Lake, Wisconsin01/05/2011
Allison, Kathryn H.Carl 86Stow, Ohio09/10/1993
Allison, Martha G.John 90Stow, Ohio08/08/1997
Allman, James L.Elizabeth 7211/23/2010
Aloisi, Alena Gianna 505/09/2012
Alspach, Louise A. [Loughman]Stuart 86Stow, Ohio01/16/2007