Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Gipson, Donna DiceDavid Gipsonna12/06/2017
Thompson, Jack E. Nora Thompson (Stanford)86Stow, Ohio12/06/2017
Harter, Luretta B.Robert Harter92Stow, Ohio12/05/2017
Mundy, Frederick A.Delores Mundy (Bowersock)84Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio12/04/2017
Thompson, James A.Toby Cosper63Copley, Ohio12/01/2017
Zimmerman, Patricia M.Wilbert Zimmerman92Kent, Ohio11/29/2017
Roberts, Diane M.Vernon Roberts82Bethesa, Maryland11/26/2017
Long, John F. 95Stow, Ohio11/25/2017
Scully, Robert E.Dorothy Scully85Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio11/25/2017
Mehal, Dorothy Jean [Thomas]Anthony "Tony" Mehal89Stow, Ohio11/24/2017
Canavan, Donald E.1. Meryl, 2. Shirley Canavan9311/23/2017
DeAngelo, Jerome "Jerry" Dominic 81Stow, Ohio11/22/2017
Szlag, Ronald StanleyNora Szlag62Stow, Ohio11/21/2017
Baumgardner, Paul E. 97Stow, Ohio11/19/2017
Medley, Helen I. 88Stow, Ohio11/18/2017
Hill, Deborah [Andrulis] 61Stow, Ohio11/18/2017
Lambes, Betty Richard A. Lambes80Stow, Ohio11/16/2017
Usrey, William G.Betty Usrey93Stow, Ohio11/15/2017
Litwiler, Irene Harold Litwiler102Stow, Ohio11/15/2017
Haught, Shirley Ann [Rittenour]Glenn Haught83Stow, Ohio11/14/2017