Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Young, Mary Raymond (1) Foster (2) Carter (1) Young (2)94Sebring, Ohio09/02/1991
Young, Robert E.Rita 5704/05/2003
Young, Ruth GenevieveDawson Young7204/05/1992
Young, Mary Rose [Molinatti]William Young81Stow, Ohio10/17/2009
Young, Mary E. [Smith]Greg Young62Stow, Ohio12/10/2011
Young, Mavis D. 88Cuyahgoa Falls, OH06/06/2015
Younce, George WilsonClara Sanders7504/11/2005
Yonally, Sandra K. [Jackson] 5611/21/2009
Yoke, Alexander A.G. 1604/24/1991
Yoho, Geraldine I. [Lehmier]Edward Yoho8310/14/2000
Yoder, Arthur M.Laverle 8909/15/2007
Yesenosky, Janice M.Michael Moravits36Stow, Ohio10/28/1992
Yenkvich, Joseph C.Stella 8512/27/1999
Yenkvich, Stella V.Joseph Yenkvich8910/22/2007
Yeager, Charles A.Virginia 8102/11/1991
Yeager, Virginia A. [Shutler]Charles A. Yeager9112/13/2004
Yazvac, John Margaret 7112/21/1992
Yazvac, Margaret A.John Yazvac86Stow, Ohio12/13/2014
Yarbrough, Margaret "Mardie" [Conley]John V. Yarbrough7709/04/2002
Yannayon, Hollis "Smokey" 77Stow, Ohio10/01/2012