Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Porter, Kathryn (Louise) 73Stow, Ohio06/10/1991
Ports, Neal A.Mary Lynne 4611/23/1994
Post, Robert Sr. J.Shirley 7607/31/2008
Post, Shirley A.Robert Post7211/21/2007
Potter, Linda 5310/28/2002
Potter, Max L.Peggy L. 7804/21/2007
Potter, Peggy L. [Morrison]Max L. Potter6910/27/1998
Potts, Clarence "Neil" 7101/22/2010
Poulos, George J.Catherine 80Akron, Ohio02/15/2002
Poulton, Evelyn L. [Kern]Kermit (1) Jerry (2) Taylor (1) Poulton (2)8707/26/2004
Powell, A. "Dee" Dolores [Simmons]Richard Powell68Stow, Ohio03/25/1999
Powell, Donald P.Betty Jane na08/28/1991
Powell, Donald A.Denise na12/01/2009
Powell, Michelle "Shellie" 46Stow, OH04/01/2015
Powers, Gregory Sarah 9506/12/1883
Powers, James DaleMary Louise 75Akron, Ohio01/25/2007
Powers, Lewis W.Mae Pearl 8511/09/1992
Powers, Mae Pearl [Willingham]Lewis W. Powers85Akron, Ohio01/25/1996
Powers, Virginia Ted Powers9705/11/2008
Pownall, Gail Otto Pownall9310/11/1997