Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Perry, Diane L.Scott Perry51Erie, Pennsylvania (UPMC)01/20/2018
Persing Jr., Clifford E.Mary M. 6804/01/2010
Persinger, Lucille [Collins]William (1) Roger (2) Orville (3) Huber (1) Lewis (2) Persinger (3)8004/21/2005
Pertz, Marie K. [Strasser]Louis J. Pertz88Florida11/18/2002
Pesich, Norma "June" [Outland] 9609/23/1996
Peterman, Jerry L.L. Jeanne 5407/07/1999
Peterman, Timothy JackMarie Peterman7606/21/2018
Peters, Cleo [Harvey]Robert J. Peters7206/12/1998
Peters, Frances J. [Konchan]Frederick Peters9112/06/2004
Peters, Reva M.William M. Peters8003/08/1990
Peters, Robert J.Cleo 7704/03/2003
Peters, Robert R.Rita 8705/24/2009
Peters, Joan LoisWilliam Peters90Akron, Ohio03/05/2017
Petersen, Richard Sr. A.Carol 6406/06/2003
Petersen, Robert J. Elizabeth Petersen 49Stow08/28/2016
Peterson, Walter K.Eleanor Short92Springfield, Missouri08/26/2001
Peterson, Catherine A.Duane Peterson8305/22/2010
Petri, Olga Fosco Petri9905/25/1995
Petrich, Reinhard Mary Carr82Munroe Falls, Ohio11/18/2008
Petron, John Betty Ann Harvilla6901/19/1996