Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Trostle, Charles N.Mary Ann 6205/01/2005
Troyer, Dorothea [Viall]Thomas F. Troyer8910/20/2003
Troyer, Robert DanielMary Jane Bloom81Stow, Ohio02/04/2009
Troyer, Thomas F.Dorothea 9402/07/2004
Truby, Shirley [Winchester]Nelson paul Truby6601/08/2003
Tucker, Alfred W.Mary E. Gray86Miamisburg, Ohio09/25/2001
Tucker, Mary E. [Gray]Alfred W. Tucker81Dayton, Ohio09/19/1998
Tuckerman, Geraldine F. [Elliott]Merle Tuckerman7302/17/2004
Tulley, Elizabeth "Betty" [McPherson]William Tulley81Fairlawn, Ohio05/10/2005
Turndick, Esther FayeLouis Christopher Turndick7210/04/2004
Turner, Evelyn M.Wayne Turner7609/21/1996
Turner, Harold FranklinJean 7606/08/2004
Turner, Lois P.Allen Turner9901/25/2006
Turner, Nancy D. [Carpenter]Horace L. Turner6009/15/1992
Turner, Ruth "Jean" [Hill]Harold Turner81Akron, Ohio03/10/2009
Turner, William A.Leslie 4312/18/2001
Tuttle, Dorothy F. [Fox]Ned B. Tuttle8904/11/1990
Tuttle, O. ClydeDorothy 6007/01/1994
Tweedy, Jennifer L. 44Stow, OH05/13/2014
Twitchell, Jean M. [Hyla] 8307/15/2009