Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Rayman, Oliveth H.Earl Franklin Rayman7902/11/1997
Rayman, Franklin EarlOliveth 94Tallmadge, Ohio03/12/2011
Raymond, John F.Patricia 7111/21/2007
Read, Robert S.Mary Read62Stow, OH11/05/2015
Real, Robert J.Rosemary Breen80Akron, Ohio07/06/2003
Rearick, Virginia D.Cecil Rearick9003/05/1999
Reboul, Peggy F.Tony Reboul7107/19/1999
Recker, Florence Louise [Roquemore] 8005/22/1990
Recker, Victoria E. [Rodak]Frank W. Recker7507/07/2007
Recktenwald, Joseph Sr. Mary 8712/10/1996
Recktenwald, Mary Joseph Recktenwald9705/17/2008
Rector, Margaret M. [Torma]Hurley E. Rector6704/04/1991
Reddig, Renee [Reddig] 38Kissimee, Florida09/13/2003
Redford, Maggie Elizabeth [Brewer]Garnett Redford84Greenhill, Alabama09/18/2006
Reding, Ruth E. 90Stow, OH07/12/2015
Redlinger, William Jr. A.Marie Teresa 7206/26/2001
Reed, Benjamin Sr. E.Nancy Bailey8008/16/2009
Reed, Courtney 0 - infant08/19/1996
Reed, Helen M.Ray Reed9201/11/2005
Reed, Mary Mae [Weiss]Earl Reed8412/03/1995