Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Romeo, Michael A.Jennifer 3506/17/2010
Roney, Gerald "Jerry" F.Judy 6812/05/2003
Roop, Geraldine EllenAlfred E. Roop8809/02/2002
Roose, E. KennethAnna Hawley7510/25/2004
Root, James D.M. Helen 9204/27/1995
Root, Margaret HelenJames D. Root9112/02/1992
Rootes, Loretta 79Stow, Ohio07/14/2017
Roppolo, Jayne K. [Littrick] 8301/31/2011
Rosado-Schempp, Terry Arthur 6712/31/2009
Rose, Samuel P.Jane 6809/16/1992
Rose, John L. 2108/01/2009
Rose, Alfred M.Catherine "Kay" Rose80Stow, Ohio07/16/2017
Rosen, Robert R.Jean C. 4007/01/1992
Rosey, Marceline AnneJoe Rosey77Peru, Indiana11/09/2006
Ross, Eloise 8501/14/2002
Ross, Harry B.Maryann 8702/17/1995
Ross, Marilyn [Latham]Thomas George Ross78Ferrum, Virginia02/22/2003
Ross, Maryann M. [Destro]Harry Ross9404/16/2006
Rosser, James J.Patsy 7903/18/2006
Rossey, Mazie S. 9404/23/2011