Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Daugherty, Joseph DonaldDenise Daugherty84Stow, OH05/22/2016
Irvine-Knotts, Joyce [Irons](1) Sonny (2) Bud (1) Irvine (2) Knotts84Stow10/06/2016
Ritchey, Ellen MayClarence Ritchey8411/15/2016
Stow, George W.Adelle Messer84Grand Rapids, MIna
Gainer, Clifford M.Marlene Gainer84Stow, Ohio12/27/2016
Feather, Thomas "Tom" EdwardMary A. Feather84Stow, Ohio12/31/2016
Keenan, John "Barney" S.Judith Keenan84Stow, Ohio01/08/2017
Saltis, Donald FrankPatricia Saltis84Stow, Ohio01/23/2017
Watkins, Mary E.Harold Watkins84Stow, Ohio03/05/2017
Mansfield, Elizabeth S.Carl Mansfield84Stow, Ohio03/09/2017
Kunselman, James "Bud" D.Alta Kunselman84Akron, Ohio08/18/2008
Roberts, Patricia SueBenjamin Roberts84Munroe Falls, Ohio04/11/2017
Mellinger, Harold "Pete" F.Barbara Mellinger84Stow, Ohio05/06/2017
Hibbs, Jack E. Janet Hibbs84Stow, Ohio07/24/2017
Turanchik, Patricia A.Bill Turanchik84Munroe Falls, Ohio09/10/2017
Smith, Anna "Jeanie" GeraldineJames Smith84Stow, Ohio09/05/2017
Alexander, Nanette L.Alex Alexander84Silver Lake, Ohio09/16/2017
Carder, Betty D.John Carder8410/12/2017
Volk, Catherine (Kay) 84Munroe Falls, Ohio03/10/1996
Mundy, Frederick A.Delores Mundy (Bowersock)84Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio12/04/2017