Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Forquer, Dolores [Stoper] 83Akron, Oh12/07/2013
Forkin, James J.Joan Marie Reins8008/08/2007
Foringer, Charlotte A.Ralph L. Foringer8702/26/2011
Foringer, Ralph L.Charlotte Foringer88Stow, Oh08/19/2013
Forgacs, Larry C.Betty 5812/06/2011
Forest, William DonaldMary Ann Guarnieri8303/22/2010
Ford, Brenda Ann [Obradovich]Jeff Ford4507/27/2003
Ford, Henry "Hank" O.Mary Louise "Lou" 8606/20/2009
Forcier, Lillian M. [LeMoine]Marcel J. Forcier80Walton Hills, Ohio10/26/2003
Forbs, Margaret Leona 19Akron, Ohio07/14/1942
Forbes, Christine A. 51Stow, Ohio05/06/2005
Folk, Emma V. [Susco] 9101/06/2011
Foley, Sr., Jerrold StokesMary Foley86Stow, Ohio01/01/2017
Foley, Mary PatriciaJerrold Foley7604/26/2009
Fogarty, Esther Sherwood Fogarty9205/20/2004
Fogarty, William Alberta Soukup10301/27/2003
Fobean, Donald F.Elaine Yurek7502/28/2007
Fobean, Elaine Ann [Yurek]Donald F. Fobean Sr.78Stow02/23/2015
Flynt, Kimberly L 53Munroe Falls02/20/2015
Fluharty, Doris Mae [Rish]Frederick Fluharty81Stow, Ohio04/03/2017