Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Cannone, John Jr. D.Marian 8612/25/2008
Cannon, Ann J.Norman Cannon9003/30/1997
Cannon, Donald F.Marie A. Cannon89Stow, Ohio06/23/2014
Caniglia, Jane [Wheeler]Arthur Caniglia93Darrowville, OH06/15/2013
Canavan, Diane LJoel Canavan5705/19/2008
Canavan, Shirley D.Robert (1) Donald Lee (2) Meffert (1) Canavan (2)82Stow, Ohio04/22/2009
Campo, Nicholas Joseph 2405/28/2004
Campbell, Carl LMaura 6701/01/2006
Campbell, George S 7701/23/2006
Campbell, Peggy A naAkron, Ohio12/29/2005
Campbell, Vida B [Maranville]Charles W Campbell7307/23/2002
Campbell, Joseph L.Theresa 6001/17/2012
Campbell, Bruce J.Martha Campbell77Munroe Falls, Ohio06/25/2013
Campbell, Norma Lafie Campbell8203/15/2015
Cameron, Nancy J. [Mitchell]Lyle T. Cameron81Akron, Ohio10/31/2012
Cameron, John E.Jane Cameron0 - Stow, OH05/26/2013
Calta, Michael R. 42na
Callahan, Larry MReta L 6909/14/2006
Call, Howard M. 8205/08/1970
Call, Moses D.Harriet M. Starr7503/24/1891