Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Richert, Eugene Charles "Gino"Dorothy Myers90Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio08/30/2016
Ricks, Anna C.Charles Ricks8707/15/1998
Riddle, Mildred I. [Crane]Virgil J. Riddle7104/04/1992
Riddle, Virgil J.Mildred 8510/02/2003
Riedel, Leonard J.Helen 8904/28/2004
Riedel, Anna D.Calmer Riedel90Wadsworth, Ohio01/25/2017
Rieger, Louis "Lanky Lou) R. 8102/07/2005
Rieger, Thomas HenryTammy 5504/13/2010
Riehl, Marjorie M.Robert Riehl8207/26/2009
Riesterer, Oscar D.Jennie 87Stow, Ohio11/29/2002
Riesterer, Jennie M. [Butwill]Oscar D. Riesterer9101/13/2010
Riffle, Thomas A.Dorothy na04/08/2003
Riffle, Aden KeithHarriett French Elliott8808/04/2011
Riggle, Louida B. [Bethel]Gerald Riggle67Kent, Ohio09/11/2000
Riggs, Robert S.Betty E. 6905/27/1993
Riley, Brian R. 5904/21/2007
Riley, Doris Jeanne [Brannon]Dale Riley6706/21/1996
Riley, Henry (Ernie) E.Edith M. 6211/17/1990
Riley, Jack D.Charlotte 54na
Riley, Margie A. [Ruester]William Riley7209/09/2006