Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Flask, Mary A.James Flask9009/27/1995
Flanigan, Leona [Schultz] 8204/09/2008
Flanders, Barbara Lucilla [Penwell]Carlton Flanders86Akron, Ohio02/13/2009
Flanagan, William J.Kathleen Klug8306/21/2006
Flaherty, Robert J.Rose na07/29/1999
Fitzgerald, James Elizabeth (1) Martha (2) Casenhiser (2)9001/11/2002
Fitzgerald, Martha Richard (1) James (2) Casenhiser (1) Fitzgerald (2)9502/03/2009
Fitz, Cyril J.Jeanne 6501/12/1996
Fitz, Jeanne 6103/03/1994
Fitts, William S. 69Stow, OH03/06/2016
Fisher, William T.Iris 83Copley, Ohio03/23/2003
Fish, Lawrence K.Florence na07/06/1990
Fischer, Charles II H.Jane Anderson8612/12/2004
Fischer, Jane [Anderson]Chuck FischernaHudson, Ohio09/11/2000
Firth, Clara [Cooter]Frank C. Firth83Silver Lake, Ohio09/08/1999
Fink, Alfred Elsie Bendick88Stow, Ohio03/18/1996
Finan, Paul Catherine "Kay" Gabelman73Copley, Ohio06/12/1997
Finan, Sally J. [Lunning]Ray FinannaCopley, Ohio12/12/2003
Filson, John E.Nancy 7205/15/1998
Filson, Nancy C.John E. Filson6507/05/2000