Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Dunn, Ruth "Gigi" Gary L. Dunn6807/08/2010
Dunmire, Edward Jr. C.Laurie 3706/09/2001
Dunlop, Robert GrahamLois 8407/08/2000
Dunlevy, Mary Elizabeth 8412/26/2002
Dunlap, Thelma L. [Weiss]Earl Dunlap86Munroe Falls, Ohio01/26/2014
Duncan Jr., Virgil L.Jacqueline 86Akron, Ohio09/26/2011
Duncan, Jacqueline A.Virgil Duncan6811/27/1995
Duncan, Jame L. [Rhodes]Alan Duncan42Rittman, Ohio09/23/2006
Duncan, Milton "Pete" 6402/21/1995
Dunay, Marilyn [Trigg] naAkron, Ohio04/27/2017
Dulzer, Frances R.Frank R. Dulzer93Munroe Falls, Ohio02/19/2009
Dulaney, William Suzanne 4904/28/2006
Dugan, Robert L.Carolyn DugannaStow, Ohio12/11/2016
Dufford, Christine [Conway]Stan Dufford5801/04/2008
Duff, David C.Clara 86Stow, Ohio10/09/2014
Dudra, Mary Ann [Musyt]Andy Dudra9301/03/2010
Dudra, Andrew A.Mary Ann Dudra (Musyt)8810/29/2003
Duckworth, Edwin J.Katie Duckworth85Hudson, Oh12/06/2013
Duck, Jamie N. 61Munroe Falls, OH11/22/2015
Dubetz, Stephen Julia 8206/23/2005