Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Robinson, Velma E. [Williams]Lloyd A. Robinson9611/02/2014
Robinson, Arbutus "Bobbie" LeoneDave Robinson91Stow03/04/2015
Robinson, Babette Harold (Robbie) Robinson89Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio04/05/2017
Robison, Walter "Robbie" RobisonVirginia 8908/17/2005
Robison, Virginia Irene [Swindell]Walter Robinson8304/24/2010
Robson, Mary Jane [Rorabaugh]Robert Robson8108/15/2006
Rocco, Daisy M.Carl Sr. Rocco8608/18/1990
Rocco, Dorothy D. [Vinciguerra]William Rocco7502/20/1992
Rochford, Mable C.Joseph Rochford8009/26/1994
Rock, Anna M. 8007/22/1990
Rockwell, Ellwood "Rocky" B.Ruth 8602/05/2007
Rockwell, Ruth E.Ellwood Rockwell8309/26/2006
Rodblat, Mary [Soviak]Charles Rodblat95Vero Beach, Florida08/01/2004
Roderick, Dorothy P.James Roderick7712/23/1998
Roderick, James E.Dorothy 8210/22/2000
Rodgers, Harold M. 8701/30/2006
Rodgers, Marie H. [Hoffner]John A. Rodgers85Coulder City, Nevada06/26/2002
Rodgers, Janice S. [Sherwood]Ted Rogers5302/06/2003
Rodgers, Raymond 9210/30/1998
Rodgers, Chester "Chet" A.Beth 4607/18/2009