Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Reed, Peyton Mary Anne 75Akron, Ohio09/08/1996
Reed, W. RayHelen 9108/17/2001
Reed, Tobie Jeannette [Reynolds]Mark (1) Matt (2) Cosy (1) Reed (2)32Stow, Ohio01/21/2001
Reed, Delores "Dee" A. [Wilson]Raymond Reed6506/14/2011
Reed, Nancy C.Benjamin Reed77Akron, Oh10/01/2013
Reed, Mary Ann 82Stow, Ohio08/10/1992
Reedy, Jannett M. [Krause] 5712/04/1991
Reese, Frank E.Dorothy E. 8207/17/2005
Reese, Frances M. [McCann]Robert Reese7207/19/2005
Reese, Tom 5504/14/2007
Reeves, Jeanne A.Robert E. 7706/15/2009
Reeves, Susan Elaine [Ridinger]Noel Reeves57Stow, Ohio10/28/2017
Reffner, Martha E.Quentin Reffner75Stow06/29/2012
Reffner, Quentin H.Martha Reffner83Stow, Ohio12/03/2014
Regan, Susan 91Stow, Ohio06/05/2017
Reger, Parley "Bob" G.Charlotte na02/17/1993
Reginald Scott, Grace C. Dr. Kenneth W. Scott8702/25/2015
Rehlender, Merle R.Melvin Rehlender87Stow, Ohio03/31/2011
Rehliender, Merele R.Melvin Rehlender8703/31/2011
Reid, David Matilda 9107/31/2004