Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Drown, Velma E. [Miller]George Drown10101/16/2007
Drotos, Connie [Tieman]John Drotosna07/29/2008
Drewette, Janet Lyn [Cowley]Lee Drewette4412/19/2001
Drayer, Otto F.Mary Jane (1) Lucy (2) 8503/10/2006
Drayer, David W.Melissa Drayer0 - Munroe Falls, Ohio03/17/2013
Drayer, Roger A. 66Cuyahoga Falls, OH10/02/2016
Dratwa, Edward D.Helen Heffernan59Munroe Falls, Ohio04/04/2011
Drake, Michael A.Patty 4808/12/2005
Drake, Raleigh MoselyElma naSarasota, Florida06/04/1994
Drabold Jr., Walter Ann Drabold8811/08/2016
Downey, Jeanette M. [Kus]Ray Downey5705/19/2007
Dowler, Goldie M. [Pursley]Hubert Dowler6910/02/1995
Dowler, Hubert WayneBetty 84Lakeland, Florida03/22/2006
Douglas, John Sr. RobertMildred 77West Palm Beach, Florida05/29/2003
Dougherty, Eileen [Johnson]James A. Dougherty7012/07/2007
Dougherty, James A.Eileen Johnson6810/16/2002
Dougherty, Gerlad "Jerry" M. na12/25/2000
Dotson, Donald A.Mary 7602/23/2012
Dory, Charlotte A. [Johnson]Herbert (1) William A. (2) Mahrer (1) Dory (2)7612/22/2005
Dory, Irene J. [Masucci]William A. Dory76Garfield Heights, Ohio12/29/2000