Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
McClaskey, Jennifer Joy [Brownlee]Terry McClaskey4509/19/2011
Beck, Maxine L.Roy (1) Randall (2) Beck (1) Boonstra (2)9309/21/2011
Cervellino, Louis R.Josephine 8809/21/2011
Green, Joan L.Robert Green8009/24/2011
Duncan Jr., Virgil L.Jacqueline 86Akron, Ohio09/26/2011
Speas, Fredericka "Fritzie" MarieRalph Speas9209/28/2011
Caracciolo, Mary LeeFrank Caracciolo6309/30/2011
Milan, Tessa "Toots" May [Georgephy]Teddy Milan8310/01/2011
Collins, John J.Annette Sues Mitzel-Collins5910/07/2011
O'Connor, Cheryl L. [Connell]Joseph O'Connell6210/11/2011
Bianchi, Betty O. Ernie Bianchi9110/13/2011
Payne, Rosanna E. [McCroskey]Leon Payne8410/16/2011
Hartline, Catherine Jeanne [Williamson]Shelton Hartline89Munroe Falls, Ohio10/21/2011
Migal, Gloria A. [Donofrio]Frank Migal8610/22/2011
Eckert, James A.Joan 77Cuyahoga Falls, OH10/22/2011
Hner, Frederick Erma 8510/24/2011
Owens, Teddy WarrenCarol 7910/26/2011
Huscroft, James "Whitey" D.Barbara Ann "Bobby" 8210/30/2011
Brown, Donna Marie 4611/04/2011
Greenshields, James D.Jean Marie 6211/04/2011