Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Prior, Dianne [Pascher]Richard Prior6111/02/2003
Probeck, Joseph L. 6110/31/2010
Prochnow, Jennie L.Otto Prochnow8403/12/1991
Prochnow, Denise A. [Logan]John Prochnow4406/26/2011
Proctor, Barbara X. [Wyatt]William R. Proctor5408/13/1993
Proctor, Hazel (Pat) Anna Patience [Coup]Roy Proctor8801/26/2003
Propst, Dewey "Judge" 7003/12/1992
Prosser, Albert Jr. G. 7108/08/2000
Proudfoot, Hung Ok "Dorothy" John Proudfoot6312/15/2004
Pruitt, Kenneth M.Ruby 8707/26/2005
Pruitt, Ruby J. [Stackpole]Kenneth Pruitt99Stow, OH08/11/2014
Psajdl, Frank F. 71Stow, Ohio08/09/1992
Ptak, Stanley M.Mary Ann Ptak85Stow, OH11/23/2015
Puffer, Irene E. [Puffer] 8902/22/2002
Pugsley, Lawrence E.Jean Noewer67Ravenna, Ohio05/03/2000
Pulcini, Hal "The Pooch" June PulcininaMunroe Falls, Ohio11/04/2016
Pulley, Carol A. [White]John Pulley5302/15/1993
Pulley, John G.Carol 7101/25/2011
Purcell, Effie F.Joseph W. Purcell8211/22/2005
Purk, Kenneth Sr. D.Virginia 7907/14/2007