Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Donnet, Marlene AnnBill Donnet78Stow, OH02/17/2015
Donley, Helen Joseph Donley8009/14/2008
Donato, Ben A.Mary Louise Mitchell87Copley, Ohio11/08/2009
Donatelli, Eugene R. 7012/24/1997
Donatelli, Mario Linda Donatelli70Stow, OH04/07/2016
Donatell, Rosemary Agnes [Herdina] 83Akron, OH05/02/2016
Dombrowski, James L. 53Stow, Ohio03/09/2017
Dolson, William C.Mary Lou 3407/20/1994
Dolis, Regina Victor Dolisna03/01/2002
Dolinak, Virginia A. [Lillie]Ray Dolinak5907/03/1998
Dokter, Hendrik J.Renee 5808/16/1994
Doerman, Juanita (Judy) M.Charles E. McGregor90Munroe Falls, OH05/26/2015
Dodridge, Ruth [Hornback]Raymond Dodridge87Akron, Ohio04/04/2017
Dodge, Annabelle Beth [James]Irving Dodge8308/27/1997
Dodge, Irving C.Annabelle 8901/15/1995
Dodd, Carl "Jack" 82Bristol, Tennessee10/28/1996
Dodd, Dale Mr.Carol 5302/01/2003
Dodd, Marylou Gordon Dodd76Munroe Falls, OH10/20/2015
Doctor, Charles "Bill" W.Jeanne 79Stow, Ohio12/18/2009
Dobos, Louis C.Judy Dobos60Stow, OH11/16/2013