Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Rimedio, Evelyn Adele [Toriello]James Rimedio9901/21/2007
Rinehart, William A.Margie 7208/10/2008
Rinella, Norma [Metheny]Jimmie A. Rinella6612/15/2000
Rinella, Jimmie ANorma 8312/18/2011
Ringler, Don M.Muriel Anne 56Geneva, Ohio06/22/1999
Ringler, Jane R. 9103/30/1998
Rios, Harvey ChavezLinda 5009/11/2002
Ripley, John Celia 80Stow, Ohio08/17/1931
Ripple, Eugene GeorgeBarbara Ripple83Stow03/03/2015
Risinger, Pthanel V.Wilma 9601/18/2002
Risinger, Wilma L. [Lichtenberg]P.V. Risinger9412/17/2001
Ritchey, Ellen MayClarence Ritchey8411/15/2016
Ritchie, Cecilia E. [Ritchie] 2807/09/2000
Ritchie, Eva M. [Ritchie] 8008/02/2003
Ritchie, Helen C. [Ritchie] 8510/24/2002
Ritchie, Herbert H.Emma Elizabeth Sis79Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio06/09/1990
Ritchie, Nathan L.Nellie 75Stow, Ohio02/07/1970
Ritchie, Rita E. [Willette]James Ritchie7208/25/1996
Ritchie, Thomas PorterCarrie Deming82Hudson, Ohio06/10/1942
Ritchie, Virginia Mary [Becker]Lawrence Ritchie104Stow, OH05/13/2016