Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Green, Judith E. [Roop] 6401/27/2006
Grelson, Duane H.Sharon 64Stow, Ohio06/08/1993
Hamilton, Rosemary [Inzano]C. Fred Hamilton64Munroe Falls, Ohio01/21/2002
Harper, Lawrence M.Lynn 6410/10/2005
Hartman, Emil W.Barbara J. 6405/04/2005
Hartman, Karl "Sonny" Jr. J. 6401/02/2006
Hunt, Mildred P. [Curry]Neal Hunt6403/11/1995
Huth, Judy RaeEd Huth6403/23/2003
Ikey, Albert "Buck" Sandra 64Wesley Chapel, Florida01/15/2007
Inman, Juanita F. [Clevenger]Cecil Inman6403/10/1997
Kesler, Mildred William G. Kesler64Munroe Falls, Ohio04/13/1997
Malm, Edwin L.Donna 6410/08/1991
Maloney, Dorothy M. [Lautenschlager]Jack Maloney6409/22/2000
McFarland, Kathleen A. [Flanagan]James McFarland6410/17/1992
Myers, Esther [Noble]Samuel Myers6406/02/1997
Petersen, Richard Sr. A.Carol 6406/06/2003
Phillips, Lonnie N.Norma Jean 6412/25/1999
Phillips, Mary Ann [Griggy]Donald Burton Phillips6406/01/1996
Rittenour, William DonaldAlice 6409/26/1992
Sabetti, Mary P. [Watts]Michael Sabetti6401/05/1993