Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Reger, Parley "Bob" G.Charlotte na02/17/1993
Kightlinger, Esther I.Blair E. Kightlinger6802/15/1993
Pulley, Carol A. [White]John Pulley5302/15/1993
Parker, Helen M. [Diersing]Charles Parker8102/13/1993
Booth, Julianna Stephen Booth9102/11/1993
Lawless, Mary "Punky" Jayne [Meredith]Charles "Chuck" Lawless57Kinston, North Carolina01/28/1993
Small, Donald G.Gloria BaronnaSarasota, Florida01/15/1993
West, Donald W.Kathleen Laughlin48Akron, Ohio01/13/1993
Moore, Alonzo "Doc" W.Helen 7101/12/1993
Habyan, Betty R. [Bittaker]Francis Habyan7601/09/1993
Miller, Mildred FernW. Earl Miller8801/07/1993
Franklin, Hazel H.Charles Franklin9801/06/1993
Sabetti, Mary P. [Watts]Michael Sabetti6401/05/1993
Fichter, George A.Dorothea 9001/02/1993
Yazvac, John Margaret 7112/21/1992
Bragg, Antoinette "Toni" [Wrobel]Robert G Bragg7512/20/1992
Abbott, Albert L.Marion Lindow82Akron, Ohio12/19/1992
Oblander, Mary Louise [O'Neill]Terry Oblander42Akron, Ohio12/18/1992
Taylor, Mary E.William H. Taylor8512/17/1992
Cundiff, Betty J. [Moseley]Robert L. Cundiff6412/15/1992