Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Cundiff, Faye Ray Cundiff9808/11/1993
Cundiff, Marvin L.Patricia na02/12/2002
Cundiff, Robert LouisBetty J (1) Connie (2) Moseley (1)7606/17/2004
Cundiff, Edward Jr. 8811/26/2009
Cundiff, Paul Robert 6412/16/2014
Cummins, Janet N. [Grubb]Lawrence Cummins7003/21/2004
Cummins, Larry H.Janet N. 6506/26/1998
Cummins, Robert E.Judith C. 6202/18/1998
Cummins, Leonard J.Betty 7902/27/2012
Cummings, Richard J.Janet 7812/13/2011
Culley, Elizabeth "Betty" 65Stow, Ohio02/16/2001
Culler, Douglas CBrenda Culler64Stow03/04/2015
Cukr, Penelope [Laing] 64Stow, Ohio01/27/2005
Cueni, David M.Diane Cueni71Stow, OH01/07/2016
Cucuzza, Anna MaeCharles Cucuzza7506/23/1991
Cucuzza, Mary 7802/07/2000
Cuckler, David E. 6902/11/2010
Crump, George K.Vicki 42North Little Rock, Arkansas02/23/1998
Croy, Karen F. [Schwet]Gary Croy6211/25/2010
Crow, Spencer Matthews 2004/04/2010