Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Dickman, LaVerne MaeGerald Dickman80Stow, OH03/19/2015
Dickie, Anita R.Clark Dickie8501/20/2002
Dickey, Janet 7611/09/2008
Dick, Carol Sue [Skubis] 68Stow, Ohio07/17/2013
Dibble, Elizabeth M.Ted Dibble7601/25/2007
Dibble, Theodore E.Elizabeth "Bette" 8112/28/2007
Dias, Ellen Lucille [Bosio]Victor Dias7807/28/2000
Dias, Irene [Mandley]Howard Diasna04/30/2006
DiAntonio, Randall MarkMarsha 53Copley, Ohio05/10/2010
Diamond, Gerald J.Marie 8609/26/2003
Diamond, Marie Bertha [Pierce]Gerald Diamond8506/30/2006
Diamond, Jerry J.Barbara 6704/30/2011
Diamantopoulos, Andreas Ioannis 21Stow, OH02/28/2016
Dexter, William EdgarLucie 86na
DeWitt, Mary F. [Johnson]Leo E. DeWitt80Knoxville, Tennessee01/20/2007
DeVille, Edna Mae [McKee]Edward Henry DeVille91Stow, Ohio05/13/2013
Devereux, David 68Stow, Ohio05/20/2003
Detwiler, James Sr. K.Carol A. 64Bluefield, West Virginia11/12/1996
Dettling, Patricia Ann naMunroe Falls, OH04/29/2016
Destro, Edith A.Anthony J. Destro8702/14/1995