Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Brown, Jack OLucy (1) Ann (2) 7909/07/2000
Brown, John P 2812/29/1996
Brown, Johnny Jr. Brenda Joyce Ward4803/30/2006
Brown, Joseph Sr. HJoyce L 5509/05/1990
Brown, Lawrence "Jeep" C 6306/23/2001
Brown, Maximillian K 1412/29/1996
Brown, Sandy MaeJim Brown5709/13/1997
Brown, William DHoney Floyette77Tulsa, Oklahoma05/23/1996
Brown, Katherine L.Russell Brown8411/09/2008
Brown, Robert Sr. C.Virginia (1) Florence (2) 9002/09/2009
Brown, Floyette "Honey" [Mars]William Brown8910/14/2009
Brown, Kurt Thomas 5303/27/2010
Brown, Joanne "Jo" [Crowe]Willard Brown8206/27/2011
Brown, Donna Marie 4611/04/2011
Brown, John WarrenMary Joan 9105/27/2012
Brown, Willard C. "Woody" 90Stow, Ohio07/16/2013
Brown, Mary Joan [Kaim]John W. Brown90Stow, OH04/27/2015
Brower, Ralph Wayne 27Laos11/09/1967
Brough, Marilyn A [Brust]richard C Brough7702/18/2006
Brooks, Hugh MGeraldine (1) Marge (2) 6204/29/1994