Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Childers, Mary Ruth [Stecher]Wilson M Childers90Stow, Ohio03/01/2003
Chikosky, Alfred Jr. E. 7007/18/2009
Chicoine, Macel [Nutter] 7609/15/2005
Chiavetta, Gene Carole LaBombard7508/10/2007
Chiarucci, Joseph Margaret Flogge87Stow, Ohio01/06/2004
Chiarle, Margaret M. [Talas] 8602/19/2009
Cheslock, Angela MLouis J Cheslock9305/15/2001
Cherry, David O.Christy 50Stow, Ohio10/19/2014
Cheronis, Gus C.Ann Cheronis92Stow, OH03/15/2016
Cheatwood, Lowell D. "Don"Pamela L. (Starkey) Cheatwood79Kent, Ohio08/04/2014
Chatman, Josephine C [Cookro]Lester (Jack) Chatman8105/07/2002
Chatman, Lester LJosephine C 7103/25/1992
Chase, Clinton BR. Jane 7011/29/1995
Chase, R JaneClinton Chase6510/26/1992
Charitan, Steven Dorothy Walawender8203/17/2010
Chapman, Charlie EChris 51Ames, Iowa06/07/2002
Chapman, James EVerla McCue8205/14/1993
Chapman, Verla LJames Chapman83Munroe Falls, Ohio02/09/2004
Chapman, Caroline S. [Porter] 8803/04/2010
Chang, Chi-Tai 7505/09/1996