Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Wilcox, Anne R.Franklin Wilcox8411/24/1998
Wilcox, Clarence 23Germany04/04/1945
Wilcox, Franklin W.Anne 8709/27/2000
Wildroudt, Donald W.Mary 7302/11/1995
Wilhite, Raymond E.April 7412/22/1996
Wilkes, Ola M.John Wilkes8405/29/2011
Wilkinson, Charlotte M.Harry R. (1) William "Jack" (2) Suppes (1) Wilkinson (2)88Westerville, Ohio10/17/2004
Wilkinson, Jesse W.Margaret 84Akron, Ohio10/18/1992
Wilkinson, M. WaynePat 6706/10/2004
Willard, Ada M. [Miller]Clark S. Willard8205/03/1999
Willberg, Marilyn L. [Larson]Paul Willberg6402/01/1991
Willberg, Paul W.Marilyn 79North Canton, Ohio01/15/2004
Willcox, Hannah [Porter]Leverett H. WillcoxnaOhio03/04/1881
Willemsen, Frances [Kilbourne] 9004/23/2009
Willemsen, Robert C.Lucy E. 7607/01/1991
Williams, Alice C. [Roxburgh]Harold Williams7104/27/1990
Williams, Alton "Ray" Patti Shury5604/10/1997
Williams, Anita Don Williams8201/21/2003
Williams, Beaulah G. 9207/30/1998
Williams, Darrell L.Mary Jane 5702/01/1997