Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Zito, Albert R.Anne 5003/22/1993
Kazlouskas, Anthony Mildred 7203/21/1993
Ziegler, Thomas J. 5803/20/1993
Wolmuth, Lillian RuthJames Wolmuth8403/14/1993
Bevington, Carrie Akenneth Bevington8503/10/1993
MacLellan, John T. 5303/07/1993
Hibbard, James L.Louise Crandall9003/06/1993
Matrisciano, George C.Virginia Rose 71Stow, Ohio03/05/1993
Dyer, Barcey E. 9403/04/1993
Griggy, Howard M.Marie T. 8903/03/1993
Boosheck, Daniel REdith (1) Mae (2) 8402/28/1993
Schenecker, Joseph Antiionette 8902/27/1993
Cain, Stephen W. 47Akron, Ohio02/24/1993
Fletcher, Charles H.Betty 6402/20/1993
Brandtner, Vincent Sr Mary 8302/19/1993
Hibbs, Benita [Urdiales] naStow, Ohio02/19/1993
Bosko, Lillian K [Knorr]Steve Bosko97Stow, Ohio02/17/1993
Reger, Parley "Bob" G.Charlotte na02/17/1993
Kightlinger, Esther I.Blair E. Kightlinger6802/15/1993
Pulley, Carol A. [White]John Pulley5302/15/1993