Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Clark, Kathryn "Kay" William (1) Earl (2) Norris (1) Clark (2)9302/12/2002
Clark, Patricia MPaul Clark7404/02/2006
Clark, Paul EPatricia 7108/27/2001
Clark, William WC. Louise 8112/10/1995
Clark, Robert "Bobby" L.Jill 5504/17/2007
Clark, Elbert "Al" ByronLois Stone94Stow, Ohio08/12/2012
Clark, Richard 'Dick' R.Evelyn Clark91Stow, OH12/23/2015
Clapsaddle-Bond, Patricia A.James E. Bond86Stow, OH08/28/2015
Cipollone, Domenico Concetta Cipollone90Stow, OH09/16/2015
Cingle, Rudolph "Rudy" Pauline 7609/29/2002
Cingle, Pauline 89Stow, OH12/09/2015
Cinalli, Lucy [Sakert] 8601/15/1996
Cicora, Marie Joe Cicora75Lilburn, Georgia06/23/2002
Cicchinelli, Andrew M.Marie A. "Sue" 8607/18/2011
Cicchinelli, Mark Joleen Cicchinelli56Stow, OH10/23/2014
Ciavarella, Nicholas J.Gloria Cortesi8205/14/2009
Churchwell, Joseph Lois 4505/19/1998
Churchwell, Frances Evelyn [O'Grady]Paul Churchwell86Brecksville, Ohio11/18/2010
Chumlea, Mary Hope [Coman] 6203/31/2001
Chronister, Perry J.Betty L. 8808/09/2011