Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Royle, Howard E.Judy 5904/28/1991
Ruch, Alice M.L. Dow Ruch88Munroe Falls, Ohio09/25/2003
Rueschman, Robert E.Carol 5308/26/1999
Ruggles, Edwin "Eddy" Sr. A.Gloria 88Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio10/17/1999
Ruggles, Sally AnnHarry Ruggles86Stow, Ohio12/29/2016
Rukovena, Julia [Husack]Frank Rukovena89Akron, Ohio01/21/2005
Rumpler, Mary Lou Ward Vernon Rumpler95Munroe Falls, OH08/22/2015
Rundle, William "Kamp" K.Valerie 5009/23/2006
Rung, Joseph Dean 4912/17/2011
Runyon, June A. [Hooper]Richard Runyon87Cuyahoga Falls, OH08/16/2016
Ruppert, Virginia [Carter]John Ruppert8501/28/2005
Rush, Ray J.Delores 6510/26/1992
Rush, Dolores R. [Jacobsen]Fred C. Rush8208/19/2011
Russell, Alice Mae [Bishop]H. Wayne Russell91Stow, Ohio01/04/2006
Russell, Evelyn L. [Crawford]Lowell L. Russell6503/27/1994
Russell, James AllenNancy 73Ravenna, Ohio08/11/2004
Russell, Lowell LeeEvelyn 7207/05/1999
Russell, Roderic K.Ruby J. Nichols8707/05/2006
Russo, Nettie [Rex]Leonard Russo7804/01/2007
Ruston, Evelyn ElizabethCharles W. Ruston96Stow Glen Retirement Center03/27/2015